The Fort Worth Farmers Markets are wonderful places; they are places where
mastery of craft meets engagement with community.  

Filled with local goods, both Clearfork and Cowtown Farmer’s Markets are overflowing with opportunities for one on one interaction and discussion with the food artisans, craft makers, and farmers that make these markets extraordinary.  


Year long and every Saturday from 8 am to 12 noon Icon Bread and Mockingbird Food Co. can be found selling sourdough bread, a vast range of soups and shrubs, fermented goods like hot sauce, sauerkraut and kimchi as well as the incredible grain and flours from Barton Springs Mill. Every Saturday we are there having a good time visiting with friends, and talking about the ingredients and processes that make up these very special (local, crafted, ever-changing) products. Please visit and join the conversation!


Hearty, rustic bread made with whole wheat and bread flours, very often 3-5 different kinds of wheat and other grains, these breads are fermented 12-18 hours by the use of a leaven--a fermented flour mixture that provides the wild yeast and bacteria which make sourdough "sour" and so unique in the bread world.


At Icon, our bread of course takes time, there is no other way; it takes two full days in fact to achieve the soft crumb and crusty exterior that makes sourdough bread so special and sought after. Achieving the kind of bread known the world over as "sourdough" is a calling; it is a special craft, the kind of thing you love sharing with others.


Shrub is a fruit, vegetable and usually herb or spice mixture that is preserved in vinegar, then sweetened to make drinkable. At Mockingbird, we do not add any water to our shrubs and they are cold-pressed, using organic apple cider vinegar with the mother (for all the probiotic benefits!).


We currently offer over 12 shrub flavors, including two drinking vinegars we’ve named “The Cure”. Some of our best selling shrubs at the market are Carrot Ginger Turmeric, Cherry-Pomegranate, and The Cure with Turmeric.


Chef Dena makes a large and ever changing variety of soups from scratch using fresh and seasonal ingredients to fit different tastes. Soups are vacuum sealed and frozen for easy heating. Dena’s past soups have included tomato-basil, chicken tortilla, chicken poblano corn chowder, "Korean Wedding" (Gochujang pork meatballs with kimchi and tofu), carrot ginger coconut, super greens with brown rice, crimini mushroom bisque, kale sausage potato, turkey gumbo, shiner bock chili, beef bourguignon, beef and mushroom stroganoff, and a host of others! Chef Dena is always adding to her soup repertoire so come see what’s new at the markets!